Happy birthday, Erasmus! 🥳🇪🇺❤️🇵🇱🇬🇷

„Over the past 33 years, Erasmus has changed the lives of more than 10 million Europeans, broadening horizons, bringing new opportunities to their careers and forging unbreakable bonds among participants 🤝” (https://www.facebook.com/EUErasmusPlusProgramme/)

Erasmus opens minds 🙂

Our school implements the Erasmus project:

What are we working on, you wonder?

To keep our digital life healthy we should obey certain rules and we wrote about these regulations in the previous post.

We are working on the questionnaire which we are going to present to our schoolmates who are going to send their opinion on their idea of regulations at our school that would adjust all the habits of using digital devices at Primary School No. 6 in Gdynia.

We want to include our school society’s opinion before submitting these regulations to our headteacher to approve so that we could have them included in our school statute.

Healthy digital life

10 tips for keeping our digital life healthy

by „Dbam o mój zasięg” foundation
  1. Control your time in front of the screen.
  2. Put your smatphone away. You shouldn’t carry it with you all the time.
  3. Turn off notifications. Do not check the messages constantly.
  4. While working or studying turn off background applications.
  5. Train your brain in an analogue way.
  6. Relax and rest without screen devices.
  7. Take up a hobby.
  8. Indulge in digital detox at least once during the day.
  9. Do not go to bed with digital devices – put them away minimum 1-2 hours beforehand.
  10. Build your relationships with people in a real world.

The above tips are written on the basis of „10 zasad higieny cyfrowej” by „Dbam o mój zasięg” foundation.

Having in mind these wonderful tips, your life will definitely become healthier. You will feel better, just give them a try!

Digital SOCIETY during the coronavirus outbreak

Our project Digital society may the force be with us! is about digital lifestyle for example learning, spending time with friends, our European partners by using new technologies, using modern devices.

In this time we are spending more time online to connect, communicate, shop etc. It appeared our project prepared us a little as well as our grandparents to this new situation.

After workshops connected with sharing knowledge by our young educators, grandparents learned how tu use online possibilties for example to buy something online, or how to use different communicators to stay in touch with others – family, friends, relatives, etc.

How are we spending time in this digital world?

Easter in Greece – our Erasmus+ project partners and friends

Easter is considered to be one of the most important holidays not only on the Polish calendar, but on the Greek calendar as well. We commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection, however, in Greece Easter is also considered to mark the passing of winter to spring. 🌷

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